A Boss and a Babe Episode 1: The Story Thai Drama

A Boss and a Babe Episode 1 is a Thai drama that follows the story of Cher, an apprentice at a game company, and her encounters with her boss, Gun.

Cher is also a popular radio host and discovers that Gun is a fan of her show. The drama is available on GMM 25 and Viu, and it comprises ten episodes.

Meet Gun, the owner of a successful game company, who has a particular interest in horror games that are challenging to beat. He asks his staff to develop a game that fits this criterion.

Jack, one of Gun’s employees, provides him with some valuable advice, but unfortunately, Gun is stubborn and only does what he wants. He is also known for his cold demeanor towards his employees.

Jack, who knows Cher well, offers her an opportunity to intern at the game company, and Cher agrees. Cher meets Gun and his team, but her outspoken nature gets her into trouble with her colleagues, and she is reprimanded. Cher finds Gun to be very strict, and she shares her opinion on this with her colleagues.

Unbeknownst to Cher, Gun is secretly keeping tabs on her, as he is an ardent listener of her radio show. Through this common interest, Gun and Cher begin to build a relationship that is more personal and meaningful than their professional one.

In an attempt to get closer to Gun, Cher buys him coffee, but her efforts are not well-received, and Gun gives her the cold shoulder. Disheartened by this, Cher decides to leave. However, Gun realizes that Cher had put in a lot of effort and care into the coffee and apologizes for his behavior.

The first episode of A Boss and a Babe offers viewers a glimpse into the world of office politics and relationships.

It shows how initial impressions can be misleading and how people can be connected through unexpected common interests. This drama offers a mix of lighthearted moments and serious themes, making it an enjoyable watch for viewers.

A Boss and a Babe Episode 1 is an excellent introduction to a drama that showcases the complexities of office relationships. Viewers can expect to see how the relationship between Gun and Cher unfolds in the upcoming episodes. Don’t forget to watch Episode 2 of A Boss and a Babe on GMM 25 and Viu.

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