‘Royal Racist’ Named in Book Sparks Controversy on Social Media

A Dutch version of the explosive book “Endgame” was withdrawn from sale due to revealing the identity of a royal allegedly involved in the discussion about the potential skin color of Meghan Markle’s unborn child.

Biographer Tom Bower’s book, “Revenge,” suggested Queen Camilla made a comment about the child potentially having “ginger afro hair,” which reportedly upset Harry and Meghan.

Author Omid Scobie attributed the inclusion of the name in the Dutch version as a translation mistake, clarifying that no English version ever disclosed the royal’s identity.

However, circulated images seemed to name two royals—one allegedly making the remark and another present during the conversation.

The book detailed private letters exchanged between Meghan and King Charles III, implying the identification of a royal member regarding the conversation about the child’s skin color.

The English version indicated the revelation of two identities but refrained from naming them due to UK laws. Additionally, another translated section hinted at a second royal present during the initial discussion.

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