South Korean Government Criticizes The Glory Part 2 Scene for Inaccuracies

In recent news, the South Korean government has criticized a scene in The Glory Part 2, a popular Korean drama. The particular scene involves a conversation between Moon Dong Eun and her mother, Jeong Mi Hee, and has been deemed inaccurate by the Korean Ministry of Justice.

In the scene, Moon Dong Eun expresses her despair because she is always being followed by her alcoholic and violent mother, Jeong Mi Hee. However, when Jeong Mi Hee discovers her daughter’s new residence in Semyeong with the help of Park Yeon Jin, who had been violent towards Dong Eun as a teenager, she laughs and says that it doesn’t matter where her daughter goes because she can always find her through the local district office.

The South Korean government criticized this scene, stating that it does not accurately reflect the current laws in South Korea. According to the Ministry of Justice, victims of domestic violence can apply to withhold their address or contact information from their abuser or other family members.

The Family Registration Act was amended in December 2021, and the new provisions will be effective from January 2022. The amendments will allow victims of domestic violence to request that their information and records be withheld from perpetrators through state offices.

Furthermore, family members who are identified as perpetrators of violence will not be able to obtain any documents proving their relationship with the victim. The Ministry of Justice emphasized that these amendments will provide better protection for victims of domestic violence and will help prevent further abuse.

It is crucial for popular media to accurately portray laws and regulations to the public. Inaccurate representations can lead to misinformation and a lack of understanding among viewers. Therefore, it is essential for writers and producers to research and fact-check their content to ensure that it aligns with current laws and regulations.

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