Emily Ratajkowski’s Mental Health and Marriage Struggles

Emily Ratajkowski, the famous model, recently opened up about her struggles with mental health and how it affected her marriage to Sebastian Bear McClard, which eventually ended in September 2022. In a candid interview on The Going Mental podcast, Emily revealed that she had been feeling pressured in her marriage and had been contemplating divorce for a long time.

Mental Health Struggles

Emily admitted that the stress of her marriage had affected her mental health, causing her to lose weight and struggle with various mental health issues. She revealed that she had tried different medications, including anti-depressants, but nothing seemed to work. Emily even admitted to having thoughts of suicide due to her mental health struggles.

Divorce and Coping

Although the decision to divorce was not an easy one, Emily knew that it was the best thing for her mental health and well-being. However, coping with the aftermath of the divorce was not easy either. Emily was bombarded with unsolicited advice from people who encouraged her to find a new partner quickly. She decided to take her time and enjoy her solitude, focusing on her baby and herself.

Rumors of a New Relationship

Despite her focus on herself, Emily Ratajkowski has recently been in the news for her rumored relationship with comedian Eric Andre. The two were first spotted together in New York City in January 2023, and later caught on camera kissing while on vacation in the Cayman Islands. While they have not publicly confirmed their relationship, Eric Andre’s Instagram post on Valentine’s Day seemed to confirm the rumors.

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