New iPhone 17 Pro Rumors: Touch ID and Under-screen Face ID Delayed Until 2025

Apple enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the release of an iPhone with both Touch ID and under-screen Face ID for quite some time. However, the latest news indicates that the release of this iPhone has been delayed due to production issues.

According to Ross Young, an analyst from DSCC, Apple has had to push back the release of iPhones with under-screen Face ID by at least a year due to sensor issues in their production process. Young had previously predicted that the first iPhone with under-screen Face ID would be launched in 2024, but with the delay, it will now only be released in 2025.

This means that the iPhone 17 Pro, set to be released in 2025, will likely be the first iPhone to feature under-display Face ID. However, Young also predicts that Apple will still include a small hole in the screen to house the front camera.

In addition to under-screen Face ID, Apple is also planning to reintroduce Touch ID to iPhones, this time moving the fingerprint sensor below the screen. Recent reports suggest that Apple has made progress in the development of under-screen Touch ID, with tipster yeux1122 reporting that Apple plans to release under-display Touch ID two or three years after Face ID has moved to under-display.

This means that the presence of under-screen Touch ID will likely depend on the success of under-screen Face ID. Apple has recently won a patent for under-screen Touch ID, which combines shortwave infrared technology with an optical imaging system. This system can not only read fingerprints but also blood vessel patterns, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate. Additionally, this technology can also recognize whether the user is wearing gloves, and whether their fingers are wet or dry.

The delay in the release of iPhones with Touch ID and under-screen Face ID is disappointing for Apple fans, but it is important to ensure that the technology is perfected before release. The inclusion of both Touch ID and under-screen Face ID will undoubtedly enhance the user experience, and we look forward to seeing these features in action in the iPhone 17 Pro.

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