Nam Woohyun Joins Jflex Entertainment: A New Chapter in the Idol’s Career

South Korean idol Nam Woohyun, known for being a member of the popular boy group INFINITE, has recently joined a new agency. The news was confirmed by Jflex Entertainment, the agency that Woohyun has decided to call home.

According to the official statement released by Jflex Entertainment, the agency is ready to support Nam Woohyun’s talent to the fullest. “We are working with Nam Woohyun, who has versatile skills,” the statement read. This is a testament to Woohyun’s prowess as an artist, which has been recognized by the new agency that he’s joined.

Jflex Entertainment is also looking to provide new and different things to the 32-year-old idol. The agency has requested that fans continue to wait for Woohyun to return to work in the entertainment world. “We plan to provide generous support so that he can continue his various activities without changes in the future as well,” the agency said.

The statement from Jflex Entertainment also quoted Soompi and asked for support for Woohyun’s new start with the agency. “We ask for a lot of interest and support for Nam Woohyun, who is starting a new start with Jflex,” the agency added.

The announcement of Woohyun’s move to Jflex Entertainment was shared alongside the release of his face on his official Instagram account. This marks a new chapter in the idol’s career, as he embarks on a new journey with his new agency.

Apart from Nam Woohyun, Jflex Entertainment has already hosted a number of artists, including Lee Jun Young, Han Chae Young, and Kwon So Hyun. With such a diverse range of artists, it’s clear that Jflex Entertainment is a great fit for Woohyun and his versatile skills.

Before joining Jflex Entertainment, Nam Woohyun had been with Woollim Entertainment for 14 years. He debuted as a member of INFINITE in June 2010 under Woollim Entertainment, and since then, the group has released numerous hits, such as “Be Mine,” “The Chaser,” “Man In Love,” and “Destiny.”

Outside of his music activities, Woohyun is also active as a solo artist and actor. He has appeared in dramas such as “The Thousandth Man” and “Hi! School – Love On.” With his versatile skills, it’s clear that Woohyun has a lot to offer, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll bring to the table in his new chapter with Jflex Entertainment.

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