Suga BTS Donates for Earthquake Victims in Turkey and Syria on his 30th Birthday

On Thursday, March 9, 2023, Min Yoongi, better known as Suga BTS, one of the members of the K-pop sensation BTS, celebrated his 30th birthday. However, instead of receiving gifts, Suga decided to give back to society by making donations to help the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

According to the non-governmental organization (NGO) Save the Children, Suga BTS donated approximately $75,900 to aid the victims of the record-breaking earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria recently.

A representative of the NGO stated, “BTS member Suga has donated 100 million won [approximately US$75,900] for emergency relief in Turkey and Syria following the severe damage caused by the record-breaking earthquake.”

The devastating earthquake has claimed the lives of thousands of victims in Turkey and Syria, and the search for missing victims is still ongoing. Suga’s donation is planned to be used to fulfill the needs of children in evacuation posts.

Save the Children stated, “So many children and families have suffered serious damage from this earthquake. I offer my condolences to the survivors and victims. I hope this will be at least a little bit of relief for the children affected by the earthquake and hopefully this [donation] will be used to provide relief items for the children.”

Save the Children will use Suga’s donation to fund winter blankets, mattresses, school supplies, and other necessities that are required in the earthquake-affected areas.

Suga has been a charitable figure throughout his career, and he has donated funds multiple times to aid victims affected by disasters, such as forest fires, pediatric cancer patients, and efforts to prevent COVID-19.

In February 2023, two powerful earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria, followed by two additional earthquakes later that month. In response to the initial disaster, BTS’s agency HYBE donated 500 million won (approximately $388,900) to Save the Children. Meanwhile, members J-Hope and Jimin distributed donations of 100 million won each to the Korean Committee for UNICEF.

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