Lee Byung Hun and BH Entertainment Facing Tax Investigation and Fine

Renowned actor Lee Byung Hun and his entertainment company, BH Entertainment, are currently under investigation by the tax service office for possible tax evasion.

This news has been confirmed today, February 28, 2023, after an ongoing investigation since last year.

The tax penalty imposed on Lee Byung Hun and BH Entertainment has reached 100 million won. Representatives of the Tax Service Audit Agency revealed that special tax audits were conducted against the actor and his company in September 2022.

Special tax investigations are initiated by the National Tax Service when there are suspicions of tax evasion against companies or individuals. In this case, it resulted in additional fines against Lee Byung Hun and BH Entertainment.

Moreover, there are potential taxes related to real estate investments using both individual and corporate names. This prompted the National Tax Service to scrutinize the company’s finances thoroughly.

A representative from BH Entertainment denied any allegations of tax evasion, stating that Lee Byung Hun has not faced any tax-related issues in the past 30 years. In a statement to the media, the official confirmed that the company was investigated, but not for tax evasion.

Apart from the allegations, BH Entertainment explained that bonuses were given to all employees using personal funds. However, these were recorded as company expenses by the accounting department. Additionally, there were some model costs allocated for additional expenses.

BH Entertainment, founded by Lee Byung Hun in 2006, is known for representing several notable artists in the industry. This includes Lee Ji-ah, Lee Hee Jun, Jin Goo, Han Ga-in, Han Ji Min, and others. The company also has a production house named ZIUM Content.

Lee Byung Hun, a senior actor, has not appeared in any drama for a while. His last project was the drama “Our Blues” in 2022, where he played the character Lee Dong Seong.

Throughout his acting career, he has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Grand Prix (Dae Sang) award and the KBS Drama Acting Award in 2009.

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