Hailey Bieber Interview with Vogue, Insights on Marriage, Fashion, and Building a Business

Hailey Bieber, the stunning model and entrepreneur, graced the cover of Vogue Australia magazine, in which she was interviewed by none other than her husband, Justin Bieber.

The interview shed light on various aspects of Hailey’s life, from her minimalist lifestyle to her regrets in fashion, as well as her friendship and marriage with the pop superstar.

Establishing a Business: Hailey’s Vision and Motto

When asked about her company’s motto and vision, Hailey stated that her personal style and aesthetic is rooted in the principle of “less is more.” Her focus is on a minimalist approach to lifestyle and design, which translates into her brand’s values.

Hailey also shared valuable advice on starting a business, stating that one must trust their own instincts and be prepared for the ups and downs that come with it. She emphasized that failures are a normal part of the process, and one must use them to move forward and grow.

Hailey Biggest Regret and Fashion Tips

During the interview, Justin asked Hailey about her biggest regret, to which she candidly replied that it was wearing a pink dress with a checkered vest. Although she thought it was cute at the time, she now realizes it was a fashion faux pas. Hailey’s valuable fashion tip is that a standard outfit can never go wrong.

This includes cool jeans, a white T-shirt, nice loafers, and a leather jacket. This classic ensemble is a fail-proof option for any occasion.

Marriage to Justin Bieber: A Friendship That Transcends Borders

Hailey also opened up about her relationship with Justin, revealing that her favorite thing about their marriage is their friendship. Justin is her confidante and friend throughout the world, and no one can ever replace that bond.

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