Netflix Removes Yoo Ah-in from “Hellbound” Series over Drug Charges

In a recent development, South Korean actor Yoo Ah-in has been removed from the cast of the popular Netflix series “Hellbound”. His replacement is none other than fellow actor Kim Sung-cheol. The reason behind Yoo Ah-in’s dismissal is his alleged involvement in drug-related activities.

As per reports, Yoo Ah-in was being investigated for the use of propofol, a controlled substance. However, the findings from his hair and urine samples suggest that he tested positive for not only propofol but also cocaine, ketamine, and marijuana. The News International reported this on Saturday (4/3/2023).

Yoo Ah-in was set to star in several other Netflix projects, some of which are in the post-production stage. It remains to be seen if his role in those projects will be revoked or if he will be allowed to continue working with the streaming service.

Senior researcher Seung Jae-hyun from the Korean Institute of Criminal Justice Policy shed light on Yoo Ah-in’s past interview in November 2022.

He analyzed Yoo Ah-in’s behavior during the interview and found that the actor displayed exaggerated reactions, such as sudden laughter, frowning, or tilting his head. According to Seung Jae-hyun, these actions are signs of drug addiction.

Further, the senior researcher estimated that Yoo Ah-in had been using illegal drugs for two years. He noted that drug users often repeat certain movements, such as a “t-tak-tak” motion. Seung Jae-hyun said, “Looking at those aspects, I think he was already addicted by then.”

In light of these revelations, Yoo Ah-in’s removal from “Hellbound” seems like a necessary step by Netflix. The streaming service has a zero-tolerance policy towards drug abuse and it is commendable that they have taken swift action in this regard.

It is important to note that drug addiction is a serious issue and it affects not only the individual but also their loved ones and society as a whole. This incident serves as a reminder that we must be vigilant and take necessary steps to prevent drug abuse and addiction.

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